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 Mathematics Unit Plan Description of the unit Review the curriculum and select a topic. Create a daily summary of what will happen during each of at least 4 lessons. Include the learning objectives, focus question, essential questions, and a sequence of the main activities that you will do. One of the lessons should serve as the culmination to the unit. Also discuss the particular considerations for teaching this unit: new vocabulary words, appropriate academic language, and ways to adapt the lessons. One of the lesson from this unit will fulfill the EDUC 505 requirement. Select a class/ Grade Level: the intended grade level, and the prerequisite knowledge the children should have Provide context information: The following elements should be included in context information: About the School Where You Are Teaching 1. In what type of school do you teach? 2. List any special features of your school or classroom setting (e.g., charter, co-teaching, themed magnet, classroom aide, bilingual, team taught with a special education teacher) that will affect your teaching in this learning segment. 3. Describe any district, school, or cooperating teacher requirements or expectations that might affect your planning or delivery of instruction, such as required curricula, pacing plan, use of specific instructional strategies, or standardized tests.


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