COMM16177 Early Childhood Education

Read the article Cross-Cultural Teamwork by Lopez and Cunningham (course pack, module 3, pg. 59 and/or 73).  The authors discuss a variety of strategies they use to help their cross-cultural working relationship. Respond to the following questions.   MAX page requirements is 2 pages single spaced or 4 pages double spaced.a. Briefly describe what cross cultural teamwork means to you.  Why is this important?  Feel free to discuss any strategies discussed in the articleb. To try to identify influential cultural differences in yourself and others, briefly describe a common cultural misunderstanding that you have experienced or seen (if possible, link to early childhood experiences or working with children and families.  If none, describe any experience you have had). c. Have you ever felt like an outsider?  What specific actions or behaviours from others made you feel like you didn’t belong? What could have helped you to feel more welcomed?  (If no experiences come to mind, consider where you may have made someone else feel unwelcome and like an outsider). d. In order to become more self-aware of biases and values that you may bring to your workplace or school, identify one thing you will do to ensure that you avoid generalizing or stereotyping cross-cultural encounters. e. What is one thing you will do to support a cross-cultural working relationship at your work (or placement or even with one another in our class)?      

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