Co-op final presentation

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Co-op final presentation

Badr talal almuhaidib- the bureau of experts at the council of ministers

Introduction-What is the council of ministers ?

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The Council of Ministers was established by King Abdulaziz Al Saud in 1953.

The cabinet of ministers lead by the king who is the prime minister, and his deputy the crown prince and all primary ministers as well as state ministers whom are appointed by a royal decree.

It operates based on the law of the council of ministers established in 1993, at the time of king Fahad.


It is responsible for “drafting and overseeing the implementation of the internal, external, financial, economic, educational and defence policies, and general affairs of the state.

-the council of ministers consists of several divisions, among them the bureau of experts.





What is the role of the bureau of experts regarding the council of ministers?

On the 12th of Rajab, 1373 H, a royal order was issued passing the Law of the Council of Ministers. Article (19) of said Law provided that the Council of Ministers be formed of several divisions, including the bureau of experts which was named (The Department of Technical Experts)at that time.

main Roles of the bureau:

Prepare draft laws and their required studies, in cooperation with the agency concerned with each law.

Review and propose amendments to current laws.

Study agreements and case-files establishing general rules or requiring issuance of royal decrees or those which concern more than one government agency.

Draft appropriate forms for high orders, royal decrees and Council of Ministers resolutions.

Join government agencies in reviewing issues brought before the Supreme Authority, the Council of Ministers or other supreme councils.​

What are laws and regulation that the bureau operates on?

The bureau mainly operates on the five main laws. the law of the council of ministers and related laws and regulations such as the law of the council of shuraa and the basic law of Saudi Arabia and law of provinces, and the law of the bureau of baia.


As well as relative laws and regulations depending on the case studied and laws that is applied to.

the nature of the bureau daily work

The bureau daily work is mainly to study files directed to legally Reviewing and studying case-files referred by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister or the Second Deputy Prime Minister, and the Council of Ministers and its sub-committees.



trainees duties and obligations through co-op period?

To respect the secrecy of the files that he is exposed to and not disclose it.


Knowing divisions related to the council of ministers.


Knowing government bodies that has the authority to direct files

to the bureau.


Reading the main laws related to the bureau work.


reviewing previous legal documents done by the bureau.


Attending at 7:30 on the morning.






Co-op phase 1

On the first and the second month the nature of my training in the bureau was reading the previous legal documents done by the bureau, such as legal memos and legal notes and old laws and treaties drafted by the bureau or reviewed by it, as well as visiting the drafting council that had given us trainees legal lessons on Arabic drafting.

Co-op phase 2

On the third month I had started to train with legal researchers of the bureau, based on a schedule given to me by the legal review department, to be assigned with a legal researcher each week and work under there supervision and reviewing there work for drafting and legal errors before submission, as well as initial drafting of simple documents such as higher decrees and council of ministers ruling and decisions.

Co-op phase 3

Since the beginning of the forth month I was assigned with one of the brightest legal councils of the bureau dr.yazeed alrashid, under his supervision I had started working on important files and had gotten better on legal drafting, legal research, and legal articles comparison so I’ve learned to compare between legal sentence and know the actual meaning of it , and how to draft it in way that would have a solid meaning that cannot be questioned and competed, and I’ve also learned that in order to draft a new law or regulation I have to read the previous laws if there was and to read the laws of new authorities or new regulations to make sure that the structure of the law is compatible with the Saudi legal system.

during that period I have worked on more than 25 legal file, but unfortunately I can only name those who had published publicly such as:

تعديلات نظام توزيع الغاز الجاف وغاز البترول المسال للأغراض السكنية والتجارية

تنظيم هيو المحتوى المحلي والمشتريات الحكومية

مشروع استراتيجية العمل المشترك في مجال العمل و القوى العاملة لدول مجلس التعاون



Training at the bureau of expert is a huge step for me that have added to me on the way I should build my career, and had taught me the necessary things in the work place such as commitment, sense of responsibility, and work ethics, and that an employee reputation is his greatest asset and that he should build it by his great work and achievements, and I would recommend it to new co-op students since it gives you as a legal students a solid legal background on the Saudi laws and who it is drafted and the structure of the Saudi legal system as well as being taught by the best legal drafters in the kingdom and it also gives you a wide exposure on local government bodies and various ministries and local authorities.

The bureau experience was very enlighten to me on a personal level, on who secrecy is important on certain matters and how it should be kept undisclosed.

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