CLSE 301 Transport Phenomena I Final Project

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A client has approached your engineering consulting firm with a problem. In a recently discovered oil formation, the drilling is expected to produce 50,000 barrels of oil/day. This oil will be transported across land to the nearest oil refinery. The refinery is located 250 miles from the well. Prepare a report to your client detailing your calculations for the transport of the crude oil via pipeline. Consider the pumping system you propose to transport the crude oil.



In order to transport crude over such a long distance, you will need to optimize a system of pipes and pumping stations along the route. A variety of permutations are possible – equally spaced pumps, different sized pumps at different distances etc. Changing pipe diameters will affect the pressure drop and pumping options. You may choose to split the source into multiple streams (2 streams of 25,000 barrels for example) and have two pipelines. Remember that each permutation will cause a different set of engineering and economic considerations because it will affect your pressure calculations, as well as fixed and operational costs. Prepare a project proposal to your client detailing the design of the pipeline system from the well to the refinery. Your report must include the following: Recommended diameter(s) and material of pipes. Recommendations on pipe and pump configurations.

What are the pressure drops required for your designed pumps? What kind of pump do you propose? What flow velocity will you achieve? Estimate the cost of your recommendation to the client. Clearly specify why you think this is the best possible course of action. You must consider at least 3 different scenarios. Include an Executive Summary on Page 1 of your report. This should include the key points of your recommendation and a process flow diagram. For simplicity, you may assume the 250 miles is at constant temperature (25oC). Choose a crude and specify its properties. You may assume crude oil is a Newtonian fluid

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