Clinician (Counselor) Burnout

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Many clinicians and mental health professionals share certain personality traits. Usually, they are empathetic, driven, determined, and emotionally invested in their patients. But these same personality traits that help them do their jobs well also place them at risk for clinician burnout.

Describe one personality trait of yours that may put you at risk for burnout in the future. How do you plan on addressing this and managing your stress level so that you do not experience burnout? (If you do not feel comfortable discussing your own personality traits, you may choose any of the traits listed above.)

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In a world where it seems people do not care enough about others, take advantage of everything (and often every one) that they can, and are even downright mean quite often –  I would have to say that mine is that I care too much, am overly sympathetic, and perhaps have too much empathy. 

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