Clinical Placement at Facility Paper

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Clinical Placement at Facility Paper

The first three weeks in my clinical placement at Facility, I have already gained a lot of practical experience that is different from what I am familiar with. During our orientation at the facility, we met the nurse manager of the third floor who is courteous enough to share a little bit of information about working in the facility and how the system works in the long- term care facility. The nurse manager even told us, that she is also an international educated nurse. Clinical Placement at Facility Paper

After the orientation, our group was divided into two and we were given directions on which wing we will be assigned. There were three of us in my group, and each one of us was assigned to a resident attendant. We were given instructions to just shadow and observe on how things are being done during the first three hours of the resident attendant’s shift.

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Since I had the experience in a long-term care facility, I am familiar with some of the procedures and routines that are being done by the Personal Support Worker (PSW).

That being said, I could say that I was comfortable in assisting the resident attendant/ PSW in providing nursing care to the clients. Although I was familiar and comfortable with the setting of a long-term care facility, I still felt anxious on how I can provide the best care possible for the residents. In this clinical placement, I have learned that being too comfortable and excited is not always a good thing especially for a student. Clinical Placement at Facility Paper

Because of my eagerness to learn new things, I was not able to pay attention on the sign that was posted in a clients’ room. The client was in isolation for contact precaution.

The incident happened while I was walking at the hallway and the client called my attention by waving her hand. It made me think that she needed help and I immediately came to her aid without even looking at the sign. The PSW saw me going out from the clients’ room and told me right away that I should not be in the clients’ room without any personal protection equipment (PPE). I suddenly realized that I broke a policy that is highly implemented in every healthcare facility, and that is the “Infection Control”. My teacher saw what happened and reminded me about the rules in the facility.

I apologized and owned up to my mistake. I was embarrassed of what I have done, but also I have learned something that I will never forget. I have learned to be more aware and attentive of my surroundings. As a nurse, I should be one-step ahead, especially when it comes to clients’ safety. I almost put the client at risk by not following the directives on the precaution signs posted on the door of the resident. It may be the risk that I don’t know that I could actually cause greater harm, for this reason I need to be more vigilant and use practice routines in all patient care activities.Clinical Placement at Facility Paper


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