civil war/ reconstruction

Please answer the following question in a well-thought-out and organized essay. A successful answer will include evidence/examples from the textbook, lecture notes, and/or the document reader where relevant. Remember to not only provide specific examples that support your argument/ thesis examples but also explain how those examples support your argument/thesis. Readings: TWO BOOKS: Please no outside sources, lecture notes are okay Book 1: Eric Foner Give me liberty Book ATTACHED IN EMAIL AS PDF Main text Book 2: Eric Foner: Voices of Freedom!/4/2/2/2/72[ch8_48] Email: Password: FerinaF1 Lecture notes attached: please pull from whatever lecture you feel help you with prompt. chapters 14 and 15 looks best. thanks Chapter 10 Lecture-Democracy in America.pdf Chapter 11 Lecture-The Peculiar Insitution .pdf Chapter 12 Lecture-An Age of Reform .pdf Chapter 13 Lecture-A House Divided .pdf Chapter 14 Lecture-The Civil War.pdf Chapter 15 Lecture-Reconstruction .pdf Question 1: How did westward expansion affect the sectional tensions between the North and South in the 19th century prior to the Civil War? Question 2: In 1865, former Confederate general Robert Richardson remarked that “the emancipated slaves own nothing, because nothing but freedom has been given to them.” Explain whether this would be an accurate assessment twelve years later (after Reconstruction). Here are a few tips to remember for the final exam… 1) Answer the entire question. Some of you have lost points because you forgot to answer the second part of the question. I hate seeing this because your work is really strong. After you write an answer, go back and re-read the question to make sure you haven’t left anything out. 2) Summary versus analysis. Please continue to work on this, even after this class. It is essential to critical thinking and writing. Summary is telling me what happened. Analysis is telling my why or how. You do need a little bit of summary in your writing, but you need far more analysis. 3) Quotes are great… in moderation. I often comment in your work that you need to bring in examples, and quotes are a great way to do that for the documents. However, please remember that when you include a quote, you need to provide analysis to explain its significance to your argument. This means never ending a paragraph, or an answer for that matter, with a quote. Also, please remember to provide proper citation.

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