CIS 401 Week 7 Discussion

VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks are a popular way of connecting a device to another network by “tunneling” into your secure LAN or private WAN through the Internet.  VPN’s are used widely throughout the business and government as you have learned in school. 

Do you think that VPN’s are safe to use?  Are they capable of keeping your data completely safe tunneling through the Internet from a remote location to say your employer?  What can be added to VPN technology to increase and protect against threats?  Find a link on the Internet to some method or device that adds security to a VPN and share the link with a brief description of what you found.


VPN’s have been around for decades now and can be found where a remote connection is needed for an employee to connect to a network over the Internet.  Tunneling through an otherwise unsecured Internet connection is not all that hard if admins set them up correctly on the server end.  Have you or do you currently use a VPN?  Many people use them for private reasons too,..not for work.  Why?

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