CIS 401 Week 6 Discussion

In Windows servers with 2016 (or 2012), a feature has been added that can help with IP address management in your corporate enterprise or domain.  IPAM or (IP Address Management) can help reduce administrative clutter (IP addresses stored and managed in a spreadsheet, and so on). 

If you are responsible for multiple domains in multiple forests, how would you choose to configure IPAM?  Which server type(s) would you choose to manage (such as DHCP, DNS, etc.)?  Why? (Note: there is no one right answer)

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Imagine you’re in charge of a business you have worked for previously.  Which type of deployment topology would you recommend and why?  Name the business and talk about its function briefly to paint a picture for your classmates and to help understand why you chose this topology


When considering the items in our scenario, try to stick with utilities that you find come with Windows Server products.  As we have seen in the past few weeks, there is quite a good bunch to choose from that work well.  The network here deals with multiples Forests with multiple domains each.  It could be global or multinational or just national (one country only).  You don’t need to network diagrams or anything, just tell how you set up the services involved.  If you assume anything that ‘s not mentioned, but that in so we don’t have any uncertainties.

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