CI7350 CW2 assessment brief: Disaster Relief Coordination System for a Small Island

Case Study Title:         Disaster Relief Coordination System for a Small Island  Aegis system

Who you are:

You are part of a team of systems analysts working for an IT consulting firm that have been hired to develop a specialised system for the government of Lazarus Island. The IT consulting firm has its own staff with skills of Agile Project Management, business analysis, system development, programming and testing.


The island is located in the South Pacific, about 350 miles from Ecuador and has a population of 80,000. 

Your team have been developing systems using an Agile Methodology for the last 10 years and they are very competent in using the DSDM Agile Project Management Framework and the SCRUM methodology. The team have decided that this particular project will adopt the DSDM  Agile Project Management framework to develop the system.

What you are getting yourself into:

As mentioned earlier, your firm has been commissioned by the government of Lazarus Island to design and build a specialised system for them. The island has been subjected to a number of natural disasters such as cyclones, hurricanes and recently an earthquake. The government receives a lot of offers of assistance, donations and actual resources such as food, clean water, medical supplies, temporary shelters etc. whenever disaster struck but their approach to handling relief (and the disasters in general) has been poorly coordinated.

To add some perspective, dealing with disasters is a complex process and managing a disaster is usually done in 2 stages:

  • Response
  • Recovery

You can learn more about Disaster Relief and Coordination from various resources such as: the  Emergency Management UK portal

Also there are some useful articles on Disaster Management e.g. DEC, which brings together several UK charities, and Red Cross:     and

You should carry out further literature review to help you understand the requirements in more detail.

The System that needs to be created:

The system that needs to be created would be used in the response stage of disaster management, specifically the part that deals with ensuring the basic needs of people affected by the disaster are met by government agencies and humanitarian organisations. This is a crucial stage in response to a disaster as people are cut off from basic supplies and left in exposed, substandard living conditions can fall foul of disease and malnutrition.


Your role is to draw up a specification for a system that will help them to better coordinate their relief effort. This system should be web based so computers and mobile devices can access it. The system needs to be secure and only people authorised to use the system should be able to access it. The disaster relief coordination system (code-named Aegis) should be designed to enable government and non-government organisations to coordinate efforts in the relief phase following a natural (or man-made) disaster. The system should be made up of a number of modules that enable these organisations to work together and share information on the disaster so that resources can be deployed in the most effective way possible.

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