Chronic stress in low income communities

For the final Formal Writing Assignment for the course, students will submit a 1-2 page paper on 1 of the following topics:

Assignment Topic: (Chronic Stress in Low Income Communities.). You will conduct a review on your selected case study topic: problem, background, and hypothesis, materials and methods (if applicable), results, analysis, recommendations to the community. Hence, your paper should discuss what is already known about the topic of your study, including established risk factors for your community of interest. All of your references for this assignment must come from scholarly sources and will require extensive use of the Hostos Library Online Databases and Google Scholar. You must include your case study hypothesis. You must also include a citation page. You must cite at 2-3 sources scholarly sources in your paper. Your sources can consist of one (1) periodical (newspaper articles) but the other sources must be academic articles. Below are a few of the databases in the Hostos Library Online Databases that you can access to find related articles: Academic Search Complete: Interdisciplinary database with the broadest coverage of topics. Ethnic NewsWatch [Current]: Newspapers and magazines from ethnic presses.

Health Reference Center Academic (Gale):


A collection of allied health journals. JSTOR: An excellent multidisciplinary collection of respected, academic journals. JSTOR has a “moving wall” which means the most recent years are not included. For the complete list see the BLS 150: Library Guide for more sources and information: Also, make sure that you use the MLA format and citation style: Make sure that you use MLA Citation Style MLA Citiation: Purdue Online Writing Lab: MLA Heading:

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