HCS 235 Week 3 Complete Discussion 1. Our Week Three required reading (Read Me First, Chapter readings in the course texts, electronic readings) discuss models of managed care. Managed care is currently the primary model used to deliver health care services to insured patient populations in the United States. 1) Choose a specific managed care model and identify in your response; 2) State at least three specific ways in which the selected managed care model maximizes the delivery of health care services to covered members; 3) Identify at least two challenges based on our course readings or outside research (not personal opinion, gossip, innuendo or political rhetoric)* as to the challenges in delivering health care services to covered members. Discussion 2. Define the term ‘continuity of care’ in your own words; Define the term ‘continuum of care’ in your own words; Identify a case scenario** that illustrates how the continuum of care concept can maximize the delivery of health care services to patient populations. Individual Assignment – Health Care Industry Overview Grid To learn more about the different types of health services available, the different segments of the United States Health Care industry, the various roles health care professionals play in the health care industry it is essential to learn more about the different areas within the health care industry that are options for career placement or advancement. Resources: Health Care Industry Overview Grid on the student website. Instructor materials including the grading rubric and example will be stored in the Course Materials forum. Complete the Health Care Industry Overview Grid which is a Microsoft® Word v. 2003 document located on your student website. Research different fields within the industry. For example, use some of the information from the Week Two individual assignment companies, organizations, or associations such as • Behavioral Health • Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) • Compliance • Durable Medical Equipment • Epidemiology • Health Information Systems • Insurance (Health) • Long-term Care • Managed Care • Medicare • Medicaid • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution • Public Health • Scientific Research and Testing • Utilization Review and fill in each box to contain information regarding the health care industry. There is an example that is already started to help with the process, but ensure you include adequate information to support your findings of at least five different industries including at least three (3) credible references. Use a minimum of three references to support your information. Requirements: Use a Microsoft® Word v. 2003 document for the assignment. Any direct quotes must be properly cited and formatted according to APA 6th edition. References should be listed below the grid table and set up according to APA 6th edition format. References should be complete (URLs are not a complete end reference). Complete the Certificate of Originality Submit assignment and Certificate to ‘Assignments’

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