Choose a medication that you want to focus on in your paper, along with the disease process that it is used to treat

Choose a medication that you want to focus on in your paper, along with the disease process that it is used to treat. Submit your topic, briefly explaining why you chose this medication and disease process.

The medication I am choosing is metoprolol Tartrate. In this paper, I am focusing on its use to treat hypertension. I chose metoprolol and hypertension because I feel the need to investigate more on them. As a medical surgical nurse, I spend most of my days administering this medicine and helping patient keep their blood pressure under control while in the hospital. This is one of the medications that we are required to give before surgery. We can also give only give 2.5mg in IV form on my unit. We also must make sure patients on metoprolol are on house-wide telemetry monitoring till discharge. For these reasons, I decided to do more research on this medicine and the disease process behind hypertension a silent killer; and why it requires so much monitoring. I will also cover the difference between metoprolol tartrate and metoprolol succinate.

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Instructions are as follow, Please read them and follow it.

  • Write a scholarly paper in Pharmacology based on evidence-based research and clinical practice guidelines.


In this scholarly paper, you will focus on describing one prescription medication and the disease process that it is used to treat. Specifically, you will provide a concise overview of the disease process in question, describe the mechanisms of how the medication works, and discuss how the medication alters the pathophysiology of the disease process. In addition, you will describe how you would explain to a patient how their medication would be used to treat this disease, using terminology simple enough for them to easily understand.

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Write your paper using concise, scientific, and professional language (except for the Appendix, where you will write as if explaining the medication to a patient, using less jargon). After all, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” (Albert Einstein). Your paper must be evidence-based and cite at least six different sources, including at least one primary reference (either a journal article or a source from an authoritative medical organization) that you will delve into in more detail.

Outline of the Paper

Your paper must follow this structure:

  • Introduction: one paragraph where one prescription medication and the disease process that the medication is used to treat are identified. Include a thesis statement.
  • Section 1: Describe the disease and a broad overview of the pathophysiology of the disease process.
  • Section 2: Describe the mechanism of action(s) of the medication, using scientific and professional terms, as if explaining to a peer. Include a basic 1-2 sentence overview of the pathophysiology of the disease process and then spend more time covering the pathophysiology of where the medication will alter.
  • Section 3: Discuss in detail how the medication alters the pathophysiology of the disease process, using terms as if explaining it to a peer.
  • Section 4:  You have two options. Use scientific and professional terms in this section.
    • Option 1: Locate one peer-reviewed journal article where the chosen medication was used to treat the chosen disease. Discuss the population, interventions, and results.
    • Option 2: Obtain an evidenced-based guideline or treatment protocol from an authoritative organization. Discuss how the drug that you chose fits into the treatment guideline.
  • Conclusion:one paragraph reviewing the content of your portfolio paper with paraphrased thesis statement.
  • References: You must use a minimum of six different references (excluding your textbook) that have been published in the last five years. APA citations and references are required throughout this paper.
  • Appendix: Describe how you would explain to a patient how the medication will treat the disease, using simple terms.


  1. Write a 5-6 page scholarly paper following the outline listed above in the Overview.
  2. Paper Format:
    1. The 5-6 page count does not include the title and reference pages.
    2. The document must have 1-inch margins (default on most word processors), 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, and minimal spacing elements.
    3. You must follow APA style for formatting and references.

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