children develop cognitively and on their role as a/an counselor/educator/psychologist.

Research Paper (Literature Review) – The research paper gives the student an opportunity to consider their viewpoints and perspectives on how children develop cognitively and on their role as a/an counselor/educator/psychologist.Online Resource available at See Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th Edition) 2. My Research paper is on Variable 1.Academic performance and Variable 2.Test Anxiety (positive and/or Negative). The outcome is to examine Test Anxiety and its relationship with Academic Performance on college students. 3. Here is the format the professor wants : A. Title page B. Abstract C. Introduction D. Literature review E. Conclusion F. Bibliography References all (5) 4. Here is my 4 out of 5 APA references ( Still need one reference that would preferably be from the textbook : Woolfolk, A. (2017). Educational psychology (13th ed.), but does not necessarily have to be. References

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