Character Role Assignment Question

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Character Role Assignment Question

You are now going to put yourself into the mind of one of the characters in this act, writing a journal entry on how and what the character feels. Your objective is to not just describe home the character is feeling at different points in the play, but rather how this is achieved in the play. Select only of the characters below for this assignment. Your journal entry should be at least a page in length. While some creative liberties can be taken, do not deviate from the principle plot.


Write about how he feels throughout Act Four, from his point of view, including: Character Role Assignment Question

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• How you feel about your wife having an affair

• How you feel about the man you promoted being the one your wife is allegedly having an affair with

• How you feel about Iago

• How you feel about the Venetian senators replacing you with Cassio

• How you plan to deal with the situation you’re in

• Whether you have any doubts about what you’ve been told about Desdemona


• How you feel after your fit


Write about how you feel at the end of Act Four, Scene Two (your conversation with Iago):

• How much you trust Iago

• Whether you believe that Iago really has any desire to help you

• If you feel any guilt over Cassio losing his rank

• Whether you believe that Desdemona is worth all this effort and money

• How and why you decided to stand up to Iago

• Whether you feel any shame about any of your actions

**NOTE: Make sure that you have considered all the bullet point on the directions when writing!! If you are having trouble making it to a page, try to add more detail into your personal feelings and reference plot events. Character Role Assignment Question

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