Using the South University Online Library or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, research and locate data charts and tables relating to the statistical findings and Epidemiological Study of the group selected topic. Each CDC featured outbreak includes Highlights, At- A- Glance, and Epi Curves to assist with the collection of this research. As a group and based on this research, determine the data to use from these sites and agree upon each individual’s assigned task(s).


Complete 1–3 slides. Submit references on a separate slide, citing all sources using APA format.

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As a member of the group, your assigned tasks may include:

  • A brief summary of your research and findings including laboratory information and data of Murray Valley Encephalitis.
  • A description of the data in terms of person, place, and time of Murray Valley Encephalitis.

Microsoft power point slides (1-3 slides) (urban pop power point design)




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