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CDC: Overdose Deaths Accelerating During Covid-19

CDC: Overdose Deaths Accelerating During Covid-19


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CDC: Overdose Deaths Accelerating During Covid-19

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has posted an informative, albeit it disheartening, update on the increased drug overdose deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the 12-month period ending in May of 2020, the largest number of drug overdose deaths, over 81,000, took place in the history of the United States (CDC, 2020).

Methodology Application

This article was written in an attempt to bring awareness to the major increase in deaths due to drug overdose, and to encourage the general public to become involved in their communities to slow the number of deaths in this realm. The most obvious research method used is qualitative, as there are many numerical and statistic-based facts related throughout the article (Crawford, 2019). These facts are mainly based around the increased findings of synthetic opioids in overdose deaths. Crawford (2019) explains the usage of archival research, a method in which the researcher uses already existing records and chooses certain parts of it to examine, is likely a selected approach to the gathering of this information. Content analysis, a method in which the researcher counts the amount of times a specific “piece of content occurs,” would be another chosen research design (Crawford, 2019).

Research Question

The question that is being addressed here is multi-faceted. One question is, why have drug overdose deaths increased during the Covid-19 pandemic; a second question is, how do we slow down or stop the deaths of so many people due to drug usage.

To answer the question of why overdose deaths have accelerated so precipitously, the CDC (2020) data seems to suggest that, though deaths due to overdose were on the rise prior to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, imbalance created in routine, daily activities, has left those who battle substance abuse in harm’s way. The second question, concerning what must be done to reverse this paramount issue, is addressed by urging awareness and community intervention (CDC, 2020).

            CDC Recommendations for Reducing Overdose Deaths

The results of this article are reminiscent of a functional problem. A functional problem is a problem that is happening around us in our everyday surroundings that someone uses as a research idea (Crawford, 2019). The CDC (2020) suggests that those who battle with substance abuse have been affected in a drastically negative way by the recent pandemic; the need for essential services to re-open or remain open and available to these individuals is vital, as without these things, people who struggle with addiction have nowhere to seek help or support. There are other suggestions made as well, but they lack the substance to change the narrative of where we find ourselves in this “epidemic,” which we refer to as substance abuse (CDC, 2020). While the message of awareness is bold in its proclamation, the suggestions for aid lay impotent and unfulfilled.

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