7HW014-Public Health Epidemiology And Statistics


Obesity is a growing public health issue. It can have substantial implications for physical and mental health, from childhood to old age.

You have been asked to provide a Chapter for a local report on obesity in Wolverhampton

Include the following Sections:

A. The epidemiology of obesity – with particular attention to a critical account and application of the Key Concepts Model. Use local data for Wolverhampton with local regional and national comparisons.

B. Determinants of health – clearly articulate those that apply to obesity and how public health initiatives would improve health and reduce health inequalities. 

C. Statistical data – it is hypothesised that Asian patients with diabetes have significantly higher BMI than non-Asians with diabetes. 

You request local data on ethnicity and body mass index (BMI) and are given the computer output extract shown below:

1. Interpret the data in the computer output and briefly discuss its strengths & limitations.

2. Identify which statistical test was used and discuss the suitability of that test.

3. Discuss whether the hypothesis should or should not be upheld.

4. Briefly outline an epidemiological study to examine the hypothesis further.