Catalytic Cracking of Oil to Olefins

include figures, tables, reference list , Use “Times” font 12, double-spaced.  Figures and tables must be in the text.  There is no need for separate lists of Figures and Tables.  The report should be written in an essay form.  Use scientific journal format for your Reference list. IEEE Citation Style Guide shall be used.  Use Dewey numbering system for chapters/sections, e.g. 1. Introduction 1.1 ……. 1.1.1 …… The report shall be developed on the basis of the following outline: 1) Front page, with team members names, project title, course number 2) Abstract (about 50-80 words) 3) Table of contents 4) Introduction 5) Reaction chemistry and kinetics 6) Catalysts 7) Reactor and process diagram/description/configurations 8) Relevance to Saudi Arabia 9) Conclusion 10) References list

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