Case titled “HOW GIVING FACE CAN BREW SUCCESS” (Rob March) page 2

Case titled “HOW GIVING FACE CAN BREW SUCCESS” (Rob March) page 2

 Read the case and write a report for a client who is preparing to negotiate in China. The report needs to address ALL the following questions and include recommendations.:
“Before tendering began, we were working with the client to develop the brief while the other companies were sitting around” Evaluate the way Benjamin did his due diligence and make recopmmendations in the report about conducting the ‘Information Phase’ of negotiation.
List all the players involved in this case study and indicate which players had BATNAs. Explain how determining this was in the negotiation.
‘When Benjamin pitched the environmental benefits of his brewery design, he shifted the focus from distributive negotiation to mutual-gains bargaining’. Is this a tactic or a strategy? Comment
“We (the competing bidders) met every afternoon in the hotel bar and compared notes” Evaluate the ethics of this approach and in general of the case.
 In the report, organize the answers to the questions in a logical order and use headings to make this clear. In the report, refer to theory, supply definitions and give examples where necessary.

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