Cardiff City Council Business Challenge Report

Background information:



Need to do research on the CCC services.


Issues that the CCC is facing are probably:

  1. Organising & Planning
  2. Financial Issues (i.e Budgetting)
  3. Operations


We have to look at the main issue of the businesses -> most probably it is because they do not have a structure within the business.


“The council therefore is keen to evaluate alternative delivery models (ADMs) as a means of achieving key strategic objectives within the Street Scene Department, particularly in relation to the Welsh Government’s Towards Zero Waste Strategy.” – main business issue


-> need to find solution that is suitable for the business without having to spend much on reaching the solution


Theory for code of conduct

List the questions you will put to your business representatives during the visit.


–        Are you more worried about issues surrounding reduced budget from 39% (2005/6) to 24% (2017/18) or delivery of services/innovation?

o   Have you had any complaints about the delivery of services?

 Any consultation on service delivery and any proposed changes?

o   Was the loss of employees to do with satisfaction or reduction of budget?

–        Would you sacrifice cost effectiveness to increase efficiency?

–        What delivery models are used? (ADMs) – any examples of when it’s used before? From what aspects to ensure that it is indeed effective

–        What are you willing to spend from the budget towards the solution?

–        What is the street scene department? (is it similar to the newport streetscene [makes it easy to report a problem and helps the council respond quickly])

–        What are the key strategic objectives of the business?

– what is the budget for the street scene department? Is it enough for maintenance?

Who will make the decision (council structure)

 Any Constraints internally and externally that could affect our business solution?

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