capstone comprehensive case analysis (CCCA) report

The capstone comprehensive case analysis (CCCA) report requires you to address nine sub-sections, which are weighted differently. Please refer to the grading rubric for the capstone comprehensive case analysis -available throughdropbox-to understand how each sub-section will be graded.Please do not leave out any of the nine sub-sections. I need to see each sub-section to award points for that sub-section.It is therefore very important for you to understand the relative importance of each sub-section.Please seebelowthe suggested break-up of the CCCA report in terms of my expectations for those who think that writing a 25-page report would be difficult. (This is for an A grade!) If you think you can achieve only 70% of this you should be prepared to receive a C grade.•Problem Summary: 2 Pages [3 to 5 paragraphs]•Analysis 1: 5 Pages•Analysis 2: 2 Pages [excluding the calculations]•Analysis 3: 3 Pages [excluding the calculations]•Analysis 4: 5 Pages•Analysis 5: 5 Pages•Strategic Alternative 1: 1 -2 pages.•Strategic Alternative 2: 1 -2 pages.•Strategic Recommendation: At least 1 pageProblem Summary (2 Points)Identify a strategic problem that confronts the company featured in the case.Identifying the strategic problem is the first of the nine sub-sections and is worth 2 points. If executed well it should fetch you a straight 2 out of 2 points.While you might have to go outside the case to collect additional information for some analyses, I would like you to firmlyground the strategic problem in the text of the case.You should be able to identify the strategic problem in the case after reading the first few paragraphs of the case. While the articulation of the strategic

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