Canadian Employment Law

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This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR #1 –


Relate the Canadian legal framework to the issues impacting the workplace and human resources practitioners CLR #2 – Compare and contrast Canadian legislative requirements to workplace practices and policies CLR #3 – Organize and implement policies and procedures that address the human resources legal issues within an organization in order to reduce liability and risk CLR #4 – Outline how current and unique legal proceedings impact applications of the law in the workplace CLR #5 – Identify and implement the legal best practices surrounding all human resources activities in the workplace Objective of this Assignment: This case study assignment will provide students with an opportunity to practically apply the legal principles, case law, legislation and policy framework learned through the course to a fact situation involving an employment law issue. Instructions: In this assignment you are expected to analyze a fact scenario and make a recommendation as to the appropriate legal steps to be taken. Attachments: There are two attachments included with this assignment that you will require to complete it: Attachment 1:

Fact Scenario #1 (Ending the Employment Relationship) Attachment 2: Legal memorandum template Assignment Instructions: 1. As the Director of Human Resources for Revelstoke Hardware you have been made aware of the Fact Scenario. You are to draft a memorandum to legal counsel, using the legal memorandum template provided, advising of the relevant facts and seeking advice on whether Revelstoke Hardware has just cause to terminate Mr. Brown’s employment. 2 2. The memorandum should be written in business format and address the issues in a clear and concise manner. You will seek advice from the lawyers, but you will also provide an analysis and final recommendation in your memo. 3. You will need to refer to statutes and other regulations not set out in the facts. You may require the use of other sources of information, such as court cases and texts as well as other information that may be useful to your submission. These materials must be properly cited. You should cite your references for the assignment, as well as any noted legal citations

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