Calcium deficiency assessment in post menopausal Canadian women

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Topic Calcium deficiency assessment in post menopausal Canadian women


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IMPORTANT(articles should be peer-reviewed) Select a lifecycle stage/ vulnerable (in relation to the social determinants of health) population(I HAVE CHOSEN CALCIUM IN POSTMENOPAUSAL CANADIAN WOMEN), TO DETERMINE WHETHER CALCIUM LEVELS ARE LINKED TO HIGHER BONE DENSITY IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN AND FIGURE OUT THAT CALCIUM DECREASE RISK OF FRACTURES DUE TO OSTEOPORESIS and design a descriptive (ie no case-control, randomized control studies) study to assess a nutrient or dietary pattern of interest. Your assignment will be in the form of concept note for a descriptive research study. In your concept note include: ➢ Title of project ➢ Research objective(s). ➢ Rationale of project: This should include: rationale and justification for both the population and nutrient or dietary pattern of interest in terms of why it should be researched. AVOID specific disease states (for example endocrine, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, genetic or CNS diseases) and focus on prevention of chronic disease or promotion of healthy outcomes in the general population rationale and justification for selection of dietary, anthropometric and /or biochemical measures of nutrient or dietary pattern of interest, including comparing and contrasting strengths and weaknesses of methods ➢ Description of nutritional assessment methodology for the project. This may include: explanation of how nutritional assessment measures will be interpreted in relation to the current literature (including any standards, reference values, cutoffs you will be using and/or other study results in the area with which you will compare your results) ▪ the focus is on nutritional assessment methods not research study design you are proposing a descriptive study, not a randomized control study for example, since the majority of the class is taking research methods at the same time as this course. ( EXPLAIN THE RATIONAL, DIETARY INTAKE ASSESSMENT FOR CALCIUM, ITS LIMITATION, AND BIOCHEMICAL ASSESSMENT, ANTHROPOMETRIC ASSESSMENT)

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