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C is a programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. C became popular because it is easy to use and quite reliable also. The C language can directly communicate with hardware. Major parts of most of operating systems such as Windows, Linux and UNIX are coded in C. All the C programs are written into files which have an extension .c for example text.c. In order to run a C program, a C compiler is required which compiles the program into a language that is understood by the computer. This language is known as machine language and is in binary format i.e. 010101110. There are 32 keywords in C. Keywords have special meanings which are identified by C compiler. Keywords can’t be used as variable names. However it is wise to get C Language Assignment Help from the experts to know more about it.

A simple C program is as follows:

void main( )
printf(” “);

In this program, stdio.h is the header file which contains the definitions of variables and functions which are used in execution of a program. # include is a pre-processor directive.

main( ) is a function and it contains a set of statements. printf( ) is also a function which is used to print the output. Input to a C program can be given with the help of another function known as scanf( ). When variables are used in a C program, they are first declared i.e. their type is declared first to specify whether they integer, float or character. C language makes use of decision control statements such as if statement and if-else statement. In this statement if the condition is true; statement is executed otherwise control is passed on to other statement depending upon the condition. C also makes use of loops for continuous execution of certain instructions. The loops used are for, while and do-while. A computer program can not do all the tasks by itself, so it gets its tasks done with the help of functions.

C (/’si?/, as in the letter c) is a broadly useful, basic PC programming dialect, supporting organized programming, lexical variable extension and recursion, while a static sort framework forestalls numerous unintended operations. According to the experts who provide Computer Science Assignment Help,By plan, C gives develops that guide proficiently to regular machine guidelines, and subsequently it has discovered enduring use in applications that had some time ago been coded in low level computing construct, including working frameworks, and in addition different application programming for PCs running from supercomputers to installed frameworks.

Experts who provide Computer Science Homework Help states that C is a basic procedural dialect. It was intended to be accumulated utilizing a generally clear compiler, to give low-level access to memory, to give dialect builds that guide productively to machine directions, and to require insignificant run-time bolster. In spite of its low-level abilities, the dialect was intended to empower cross-stage programming. A norms agreeable and transportably composed C program can be assembled for a wide assortment of PC stages and working frameworks with few changes to its source code. The dialect has turned out to be accessible on an extensive variety of stages, from installed microcontrollers to supercomputers.

Functions are blocks of statements which perform a consistent task. Then there are pointers which are used to point to a value stored at a particular address. The ordinary variables in C can store only one value at a time. In order to store more than on values arrays are used. Arrays may be two dimensional or multi-dimensional. Group of integers can be stored in integer arrays and group of characters is stored in character arrays known as strings. Variables and arrays can hold data of similar type but if we are to store dissimilar data, structures are used. These vast features make C language a versatile and reliable language. So it is being used in numerous applications nowadays such as in making anti-viruses, in chip designing, embedded systems, doing scientific calculations, for designing games, in business tools, in networking etc as C does this task very fast and with great accuracy. Major use of C is in those fields which require less space and high speed.

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