Business plan regarding a start up company.


Business plan regarding a start up company. The company is a mobile app(android and ios) which will give the opportunity to wholesalers from all Europe to add olive oil and honey. The consumers will be able to order these products online for delivery to their home.

Wholesalers will specify the areas on which they can deliver their products(and relevant costs) and the consumers will set their addresses in the app and the app will show only the wholesalers that can send to these areas. Each wholesaler will be able to list their products and costs to an easy template for end customers The app will give the opportunity to consumers to pay online through PayPal and credit cards. App/company will not have any responsibility for quality of the products but customers will be able to review and rate all wholesalers. The app will have filters to help customers to find what they are looking for.the first page should be the thesis proposal. The thesis proposal should be completed in one page with the following details:An executive summary of the project Motivation (explain the reasons why that project is relevant) – the answer to this is that it is definitely an innovative project which will bring wholesalers closer to end consumers using an easy mobile application. Objectives The methodology of the workflow Provisional planning (personalized work breakdown structure) Sources used and a reference bibliography The rest 16 pages should be targeted to business plan which has the following requirements:a) Font – Calibri, size 12, b) Line spacing – 1.5, c) All margins – 1 cm. d) Print on one side Structure 1. Introduction – Introductory Sections(executive summary, subject, purpose of the plan, the company) 2.Planning – Check and launch(swot analysis, PESTEL, project planning, monitoring & evaluation criteria) 3.Marketing plan – Commercial opportunity & strategy(market analysis / Business opportunity, target market & segmentation, market potential, competition analysis, trends in the market) & (market strategy / business model, value proposal, delimitation of the offer, positioning, communication strategy, sales & distribution strategy, price strategy, Customer service & retention strategy. Is there a market share for us out there?, what are the needs and expectations of the customers?, analysis of competitors – what do they offer or what dothey not offer?, the value proposal of the business idea – define the service and why it is important for the target group, is there a market for the offered service/product? What is the approximate dimension of the market?, sales predictions, 3-5 years of sales forecast) 4.Operations Plan – Making the product / Service available for the customers(How is the product/service going to be generated?, what sequence is followed on a day to day basis?, what resources will be necessary?,


what kind of human capital is needed(HR plan), Define the relevant to your project aspects, such as purchases, productions, control plans, storage distribution, project planning, technologies and other aspects that apply to your project, other aspects such as transportation fees or insurance, any documentation associated with these aspects 5.Financial Plan – Viability and business profitability(operating costs, profit and loss account, treasury or cash flow budget, investments plan, investments parties & other funding sources, investments analysis – payback, ROI, NPV, Internal Rate of Return, balance sheet, economic financial analysis, analyze 3-5 years References. At the end of the project and prior to the appendix there must be a section titled “References” with details of the referenced texts listed. The following guidelines should be met: ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description) or AACR (Anglo- American cataloguing rules). Attachments and Appendices. If a Project includes photographs, drawings, articles, legal documents, etc. or other documents that complement the core of the work, they must be attached and numbered consecutively.

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