Business Office Appropriate Attire / Business Casual

This presentation requires external source support (research) that must be orally cited within the presentation. A minimum of three sources are required. You are also required to incorporate a PowerPoint presentation with this speech (Prezi also allowed as an alternative). This performance may focus on Objects, People, Places, Theories/Concepts, Occurrences, Events, and Medical Conditions. The topic cannot be the same, or a variation of, the topic to be used for the Persuasive Speech. (Each presentation in the course must demonstrate a variety of topics and research focus.) Three external sources are required and they must be properly orally cited within the presentation to receive credit. Presentation Requirements: • Time Requirements: 4 – 6 minutes • Proper Attire is Required (Business Office Appropriate Attire / Business Casual – See this August 19, 2014 article from the Business Insider for a better understanding of Business Casual Attire. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) • Typed Outline in the required format (Outline examples are in chapter 8 & will be discussed in class) • Typed Bibliography/Works Cited page in APA Format connected to outline document and submitted on the day of the speech via D2L • A minimum of three reference sources must be cited within the speech, inserted throughout the outline and listed properly on the works cited page • PowerPoint (PPT) Required (Prezi as well) : o No slide minimum or maximum. o Be smart about creation of visual. o Are there too many words? Are there enough images? Will it keep your audience focused on what you want them focused on? You don’t have to have a new slide per every main point • Podium is permitted for this speech but will not be for the persuasive speech Please take advantage of the library day on October 8th to learn of all the resources available to you for research. This will help you find the sources you need as well as cite them properly in text and on a works cited page.

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