BSBINN801 Lead Innovative Thinking And Practice


Your task is to research the following topics then outline your findings in a report. Use the questions below as a guide to your research:
1.Briefly compare and contrast the current theories and thinking about innovation with the innovation theories and thinking from the past
2.How can the theory and thinking on innovation and creativity contribute to applied practice?
3.What impact can leadership style have on innovation in organisations? Include in your answer how specific approaches may encourage or inhibit innovation
4.Why is organisational and industry context relevant to innovation?
5.What types of internal and external conditions or factors may impact on organisational innovation?
6.Outline strategies for identifying, assessing and managing/overcoming risks and challenges associated with innovation
7.List five examples of innovation drivers in an organisation
8.What are six examples of innovation enablers in an organisation?
9.What mechanisms can be implemented at the system or process level to support innovative practices?
10.What are five of the typical challenges and barriers to innovation within an organisation?

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