Branding Assessment

For this assignment, you will conduct an evaluation of your own personal/professional raw materials with respect to the following categories (discussed in video): Watch this video first: Personal Branding: Assessing Your Raw Materials (video provided attached)

1. Strengths: current and potential. (Use an online assessment)

2. Weaknesses or Bad Habits (what you, co-workers and/or family suggest for improving)


3. Interests, Desires, Passions (or what motivates you)

4. Personality/Core Values (or what’s important to you) Name and Theme (any name and theme that you would like) Introduction: share a potential goal for your assessment, or feelings about the idea of doing an assessment Part Two: Explain the following (you must complete the Process and Feedback sections for each one of the four categories):

1. Strengths a. Process:

i. How did you conduct your self-assessment for this category?

ii. What assessments did you use for this and what was the outcome.

iii. What Interviews with friends, family, coworkers did you conduct and what was the outcome?

b. Feedback: For this category, discuss your reactions and the perspectives other than your own you learned from this activity. . What are your resulting findings? Be sure to describe each trait or aspect (just listing a few adjectives is definitely not “A” or “B” work)

 i. What insights about yourself did you learn from the self-assessment for that particular raw materials category?

ii. What are your reactions to the feedback that you received from other people and from the online tools?

2. Faults (see above)

a. Process

b. Feedback

3. Interests (see above)

c. Process

d. Feedback

4. Personality (see above)

e. Process

f. Feedback Part Three: Synthesis and Conclusion: Provide an overall summary of your raw materials and then synthesize the results for all of the categories. This is very critical for you to gain the benefit from this assessment. Consider the balance between the positives and the negatives.

• What did you learn about yourself from the various online assessments, friends, family, coworkers that will impact how you manage your own personal/professional brand?

• Where do you want to belong personally and professionally and how does the assessment inform me to achieve this?

• What patterns do you need to develop for my “exchange(s)” and how will I incorporate them based on my branding assessment?

• What systems do I need to put in place/order for my upcoming future?

• This synthesis and summary section is a critical element in tying all of your assessment work together, and will help you drive your digital marketing article and plan as we move forward. Be sure to put significant effort into this section. Grading Criteria:

• Be creative and share your new found sense of brand persona.

• Clear format with a sense of personal style and creativity in presentation

• Charts, graphs, figures, and/or bullet points are used appropriately

• Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation

• The use of online assessments as instructed

• The use of other people’s feedback as instructed

• Thoroughness in the self-evaluation of each category

• A sensible and comprehensive synthesis and summary

• Note that “A” grades are for “outstanding” work, not for work that only meets minimum requirements.

• Format: Submit the final assignment as a Word, or PDF file (PDF is strongly preferred) with 12-point font, single-spaced (with spacing between sections and/or paragraphs as desired), appropriate headings and subheadings, and page numbering.

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