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Branches to Understand the Types of Psychology Courses

Some major branches in the psychology course are:

1. Developmental psychology: It focuses on the changing and growing of people in their lifespan. It is a study of human development. Psychologist understands emotional change and intellectual growth that happens inside the person. They are specialized in studying the personality of a child, infant, and adult.

2. Comparative psychology: It is about studying animal behavior. It also leads to a deeper understanding of human psychology.

3. Cognitive psychology: It focuses on the mental condition of a person. It is based on thinking, learning and remembering capacity. Psychologist in the field deals with emotions, perception, memory, decision making, perception, motivation, and problem-solving skills. They use a processing model to describe the information storing capacity and the functioning of the brain.

4. Counseling psychology: The psychologist treats people suffering from mental distress. It improves the interpersonal functioning, emotional and social condition. Besides professional life, it highlights personal issues such as health, family and marriage.

5. Education psychology: It deals with educational issues, teaching psychology, and student concerns. These psychologists deal with the learning and working abilities of students, how they interact with teachers, parents, and other students. They also study about learning disabilities and instructional process.

Theories in Types of Psychology Courses

1. Personality theories: It discusses thoughts, emotions, and behavior about a person that makes him unique. It aims to show how every person varies due to psychological forces.

2. Humanistic theories: This focuses on fulfilling the potential and self-actualization. It deals with an individual’s potential and his fundamental belief. These theories also focus on concepts like free-will and self-efficacy. They discuss psychological problems and abnormal behavior.

3. Social psychology theories: It helps to understand social behavior. They explain about group behavior, social phenomena, and social influence.

4. Behavioral theories: It describes the theory of learning. This helps clients to acquire new skills and behavior. It explains how the leaders are classified as they focus on the behaviors of a leader.

5. Cognitive theories: They focus on decision-making, problem-solving, motivation, and attention. They also explain the thought process of the person

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