Born a Crime book by Trevor Noah

Born a Crime book by Trevor Noah Description Essay #4: Born a Crime Research Essay ***I will provide an ebook version of the material (Born a Crime book) that I have in Barnes and Noble NOOK account if needed.*** I am working on the outside resources, they will be provided in detail (PDF file of the whole resource) when I accept your offer. Generally, we will need 5 resources for the essay and the book is counted as one so I am looking for 4 more. So basically, you do not need to do any research, just simply cite from provided sources as your own desire. Overview: For this unit we have been reading and discussing Born a Crime. With this as a starting point, we will formulate an argument surrounding one of the various prompts presented using a substantial amount of research to help support our stances. For this assignment you will develop a 1700 word minimum essay demonstrating your ability to integrate outside sources to prove your argument. In writing this essay, you will be displaying your understanding of handling outside sources, thinking critically about the world you live in, as well as synthesizing and formulating ideas and arguments into a clear, thesis driven essay. Prompt Options: (I will tell you which one we will work on in 48 hours from now, I’m showing all of the options to give you some ideas about what you are going to write about.) 1. This memoir spends a great deal of time examining Noah’s identity since it’s complex. Explore the way humans create their identity, be it through culture, money, race, religion, geography, etc. Establish some sort of argument surrounding this.

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