Book, Movie Review

Book Review

Writing a book review is not as hard as it might seem at a glance. Students often confuse this assignment with summary writing. This is the first and the most common mistake you should not make. Summary is not an objective critique or review.

Writing a book review requires attention and patience, for you will need to read a book first and then make some serious points on what you think about it. This is called a book review

It seems to be simple to write book reviews if the book you are going to work with is your favorite one or you can read faster than anybody else. However, it might seem very frustrating to complete such an assignment if the book is three hundred pages long and you have neither time nor desire to read it by the deadline and do considerable review.

Unfortunately, there is no way out here except ordering a custom review from a reliable online writing company or simply fail your assignment. Therefore, think beforehand and read the tips presented below to get a simple structural plan of how you should prepare book reviews.

  • Before you start working on this assignment, you might want to write down some points you are going to lay out in your book review. Remember, the book you are reviewing was written by the author for you to read it and get your own impression of this piece of art, not plain criticizing and such annoying rhetoric questions’ posing as: “Why would anyone call the sunset bloody…?”
  • While writing your future masterpiece, deserving an A+, imagine that you are telling a story to your friend about this book.
  • Important: The title of the book and the author’s name have to be mentioned in the first paragraph. This is really frustrating to read a book review not even knowing the title of the great book!
  • Using separate paragraphs for each point you want to make will emphasize the ideas stated.
  • Try to reveal the book’s theme in the beginning of your review. Thus, you will introduce the readers to what they are getting into.
  • Write about your likes or dislikes. Did you enjoy the writing style? What stylistic devices did you like? Did it grab your attention till the very end?
  • No doubt, using some quotes from the book will make your points more supported and vivid. This is not necessary, though it might help your reader get the author’s style.
  • Make sure your book review is not a plain retelling. It should contain your personal opinion, the way you feel about the book. It should persuade the reader to share your viewpoint: to read the book or avoid reading it.
  • Carry out research on the author and his/her biography. It will help you understand the author’s opinion better. Knowing personal information, you will be able to make conclusions on what exactly pushed the writer to create such a book with this very content.

Movie Review

Movie review might be the easiest thing to do. First, because you don’t need to read a huge amount of pages to write a review, secondly, because movies always leave impressions in everybody’s mind. Therefore, having some sort of opinion, you can already write the ideas out of it. Moreover, having wonderful movie review writing tips, your paper will turn out to be perfect, just give it a try!

Usually, movie reviews are not longer than 500-750 words or 2 – 3 1/2 pages long. A good movie review does not finish with a plain summary, but it is a critical evaluation of the film watched, its success and presentation. A movie reviewer often tells whether a movie succeeded or failed to satisfy the target audience. Therefore, every time you work on your review, consider the target audience of the chosen movie’s genre and the audience you are writing your review for.

A good movie review always encourages the reader to read the review again or watch the actual film. However, being a good reviewer, you will never reveal the climax or the end of the story to the reader.

Try to include basic information about the movie in the beginning. Information your reader will certainly search for is:

  • settings
  • tone and genre
  • date of release
  • name of the director
  • list of the major actors

You can compare the movie you are reviewing with some others that your reader has definitely seen. Usually, movies borrow certain peculiarities from the style, dialogues and scenes of other great movies. Your task is to evaluate and critique.

Focus your reviews around a significant argument, such as why the movie went fabulous or why it failed. Express your opinion on whether this movie can be life-changing or it is not even worth watching.

Make an impression of a truly professional in what you are doing.

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