Book :Inside Private Prisons: An American Dilemma in the Age of Mass Incarceration by Lauren-Brooke Eisen is mandatory

In a tightly honed 500-word essay (approx. 2-3 pages in APA/MLA format) address the following: Private prisons are a contentious policy issue within criminal justice and corrections. Lauran-Brook Eisen lays out the history and some of the realities of private prisons in America. Additionally, we discussed in class some of the other models of correctional reform in places like Norway as a point of comparison. Corrections also is meant to meet social needs, e.g. punishment, rehabilitation, et cetera.

Using Eisen’s book as a primary source and starting point, address: (1) whether or not the current private prison system in America serves the interests and needs of the carceral state and public need, (2) what, if any, reforms are needed in order for the private prison/carceral state to meet public need, and (3) within the framework of American justice is profiting from prison morally and ethically justifiable even if it can meet the needs of the private prison/carceral state and the policy needs of the public. This response will require you to go outside the book and bring in outside sources. This response asks you to say a lot in a short few pages – make every word count and do not waste words. Edit, hone, and refine your answer so that you can pack as much punch into the short format. Cite your sources and include a works cited pages.

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