BN4410-Health And Safety Management

Assignment Brief

The assessment this year is in two assignment parts. Part A has a weighing of 40% and the Part B a weighing of 60%.

A. Prepare a seminar paper on any one of the particular health and safety issues given below. 

1. Health and safety policies and strategies in the built environment: current benefits and future challenges

2. Managing stress for better personnel productivity

3. Indoor environmental quality and well-being of workers

4. Health and safety information management: panacea for better health and safety management?

B. Your critical report this year will be based on “Health and safety culture in organisations within a particular industry: a comparative evaluation across communities of practice within your profession. Write a critical report of 2400 words or the equivalent on the health and safety management topic given. 

1.Evaluate current health and safety Acts, Regulations and their application in the built environment with particular emphasis to the engineering and construction sectors;

2. Demonstrate a wide knowledge of the nature of human factors and their influence upon safe work planning. Develop and apply human factor analysis to human errors in work place planning

3 Analyse working situations, develop and apply strategies which ensure effective management of health and safety ;

4 Appraise the study of health and safety culture, the root of malpractice and consider processes of development of accident free working environments by reference to case studies and example situations

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