blue velvet

It is a response paper that write about the craziness of Frank. The paper should include the scenes where Frank shows the craziness and also different of ‘own’ thinking of what directors suspenses and want viewers to think of. In the scene of where the singing of ‘candy colored clown’, it shows the trauma and also while singing it, the characters in the scenes were not violent and stopped. I may also use just little reading(two or three lines) to help analyze it. In this point, The point here is to allow your own curiosity and personal initiative to direct your investigation and thoughtful response to a selected work. It should be focused description in the service of the original insights about Blue Velvet. But avoid generalizations and plot summary!!! it should be analysis of the film and the scenes that found out the craziness of Frank. the thesis (about Frank), strong prose and detailed description of a film’s images or scenes. one of source that can use is Michel China, David Lynch, Second Edition (London: British Film Institute, 2005). I will attach the example of Response paper. I’m a foreigner, so you don’t have to use hard words, but describe specifically.

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