Black Communities

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Sociology of Black Communities you have to carefully examine, analyze representations of Blackness in one mainstream film. To do this you have to explore the ways in which Blackness is perceived, understood, and lived through the film selected. Show the ways in which Blackness is complicated by social class, gender, and sexuality. Eexplore the particular ways in which Blackness is framed and portrayed through popular film. My paper is to explain how these media representaions inform and impact a larger perceptions, understandings and experiences of Blackness. Be careful not to simply summarize what you see in the film but rather critically examine how the film’s plot, characters, and the situations portrayed work to perpetuate very specific representations of the Black experience.  Provide three scholarly journal as resources, style ASA. Here is the approved film list the professor provided: Foxy Brown (1974) Cleopatra Jones (1973) Precious (2009) Monogamy (1975) Carmen Jones (1954) Dreamgirls (2006) Gone With the Wind (1939)


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