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Autonomy and dedication

Autonomy gives workers enhanced participation in decision-making. Autonomy is important because workers can give their opinion and make organisational impact. There is evidence that autonomy as a job resource reduces burnout and increases dedication. The feeling of being valued and heard increases self-efficacy and self-esteem, and therefore dedication and opportunities to air views and build a sense of relatedness. Autonomy creates job satisfaction which is related to commitment. Employees who are intrinsically motivated have high job satisfaction and organisational dedication. Some studies have suggested that autonomy is antecedent to citizenship and work dedication, as content and satisfied workers are likely to be more dedicated and supportive of the organisation (Shantz, Alfes, & Latham, 2016; Kailiang& Qin, 2016). Biology homework help


            Autonomy has a bearing on organisational productivity, absenteeism and performance. Ulndag, Khan, and Guden (2016) argue that emotional exhaustion, low commitment, and decreased job satisfaction are antecedents of low dedication to work and intention to leave an organisation. Pandita and Singhal (2017) found that employee autonomy during work was associated with decreased resistance to change, improved organisational belonging and goal achievement. Chin (2018) argues that autonomous workers, those who can influence content of work, are more participative, have increased job satisfaction and improved dedication.

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Based on this argument, the following hypothesis is formulated:

H2a: Autonomy has a positive relationship with dedication. Biology homework help

Please explain below three topics same as above

H3a: Autonomy has a positive relationship with absorption

H3b: Career development has a positive relationship with absorption

H3c: Supervisory support has a positive relationship with absorption . Biology homework help

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