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Biology, Genetics: YOUlecturef

  1. A woman has the following genotype:  SsHh, where c is the recessive allele for sickle cell disease, and H is the dominant allele that causes Huntington’s disease. Her husband is sshh for the same genes. Report all possible phenotypes in their children, and their corresponding probabilities. (Hint: There are 4 possible phenotypes , such as the  chance of having a child with both sickle cell and Huntington’s)
  1. A man with hemophilia X linked, recessive disease) has a child with a woman who does not have hemophilia, but whose father has the disease. If they have a son, what is the chance that he will have the disease? If they have a daughter, what is the chance that she will have the disease?


  1. A man has a defect in his Y chromosome that prevents him from producing sperm. His wife has no history of similar defects in her family. Is this couple likely to have children with this defect? Explain.

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