Bio Statistics Research Nursing Essay

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Bio Statistics Research Nursing Essay

MY TOPIC “Does Nurse Practitioner-led multidisciplinary teaching compared to standard practice teaching reduce hospital readmissions for patients with CHF?” Complete a literature search and find an Intervention-Based research study on the advanced practice topic that you have chosen for your critical literature review if possible.Bio Statistics Research Nursing Essay.   Provide a brief summary of the research and describe how the study informs your CLR. Complete a critical appraisal of the research. Post your responses to Step III for discussion. Be sure to attach the PDF of your article and provide substantive, thoughtful, cited discussion posts Step III: Evaluating a Study Evaluation involves determining the credibility, trustworthiness, meaning, and usefulness of the study findings.


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This type of critical appraisal requires more advanced skills and might be performed by master’s and doctoral level students in determining current nursing knowledge and its usefulness in practice. Evaluating research involves summarizing the quality of the research process and findings, determining the consistency of the findings with those from previous studies, and determining the usefulness of the findings for practice. The steps of the study are evaluated in light of previous studies, such as an evaluation of present hypotheses based on previous hypotheses, present design based on previous designs, and present methods of measuring variables based on previous methods of measurement. Evaluation builds on conclusions reached during the first two stages of the critical appraisal so that the credibility, meaning, trustworthiness, and usefulness of the study findings can be determined for nursing knowledge, theory, and practice. Guidelines for Evaluating a Study You need to reexamine the discussion section of the study focusing on the study findings, conclusions, implications for practice, and suggestions for further study. It is important for you to read previous studies conducted in the area to determine the quality, credibility, and meaning of the study based on previous research. Using the following questions as a guide, summarize your evaluation of the study, and document your responses. I. Did the study build upon previous research problems, purposes, designs, samples, and measurement methods? Provide examples to support your comments. II. Could the weaknesses of the study have been corrected? How might that have been accomplished? III. When the findings are examined in light of previous studies, do the findings build on previous findings? IV. Do you believe the study findings are credible? How much confidence can be placed in the study findings (Tonelli, 2012)? V. Based on this study and the findings from previous research, what is now known and not known about the phenomenon under study? VI. To what populations can the findings be generalized (Cohen, 1988)? VII. Were the implications of the findings for practice discussed? Based on previous research, are the findings ready for use in practice (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015)? VIII. Were relevant studies suggested for future research? Bio Statistics Research Nursing Essay

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