Biblical history in a real sense is our history.

Description Question 1: Our text states, “…biblical history in a real sense is our history.” What do you think the author means by this? How is this different from the way most people view the Old Testament? Question 2: The early translators and printers of the Bible faced much persecution and danger, even death. The author claims that Wycliffe’s goal “was to fight against the corruption in the Church by making the Bible available to the common people.” Why do you believe the translating and printing of the Bible was such a threat to Church and Political leaders of the time? How has the accessibility of the Bible today affected modern day Christians in open countries? (There are still countries where the Bible is banned and Christians are persecuted Question 3 MUST BE A Minimum of 200 words. Question 3: When you think about the canon of scripture, what do you believe about divine revelation and the inspiration of scripture? You must Incorporate the words Inspiration, Canon and Revelation into your answer for question 3

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