Being and identity of God

Students will write ONE research paper, focusing on one theological argument studied this semester. There are three options for research focus, with two topic choices in each area of focus. The due date for the paper will vary, depending on which area of focus the student chooses to research. The options for paper focus and topic are described below.

Research Option 1: Being and identity of God

God exists as the source of all else that exists. God can only be known by forgetting everything you think you know about God.


Research Option 2: Atheism

God is a projection. God is dead.

Research Option 3: Liberation Theology God is Mother. Jesus is black.

After choosing one of the two research topics within their area of focus, students should place the original idea in its social context and unfold this argument in ways that you find compelling. Assess the strengths of this argument and describe what critics would say to refute it. This paper is NOT a summary of the readings done for class, but critical engagement with authors in which you question, expose weaknesses in reasoning, and respond with your own opinions and contributions. To receive full credit, students must BOTH demonstrate understanding and interaction with at least one of the readings AND build on this analysis by offering their own opinion and critique.

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