Behavioural interview questions

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HRM 4111 Assignment #3 – Behavioural Interview Questions (10%) This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR #1 – Link recruitment and selection theories and best practices within an organization to a recruitment and selection plan. CLR #3 – Apply employee selection theories and best practices to build employee selection tools and process. Objective of this Assignment: To design behavioural interview questions for a senior management role you are filling. Instructions: Step 1: Read the case incident below: You are a senior HR leader for an organization and you have been tasked with designing behavioural-based interview questions for a senior management role that needs to be filled as soon as possible. This is an important role within the organization, and an excellent opportunity for the right candidate. However, it will be critical for the hiring committee to determine if the candidates being interviewed have what it takes to turn the department around. In preparing the questions, please note the following: 1. The manager will have 15 direct reports, including two supervisors; 2. He or she will be on a management team comprised of 20 managers (all have lengthy tenure with the company) representing all divisions across the organization; 3. He or she will be reporting to a president that travels often and is known to be difficult to reach or communicate with; 4. The new manager must continually deal with stressful situations such as irate clients, budget constraints, and tight deadlines; 5. There have been ongoing and multiple conflicts amongst employees in the group over several years that have never been dealt with; 6. There has been a very high turnover rate in the department over the last several years; 7. There are a number of “difficult” employees in the group with strong personalities and sense of entitlement; 8. There is no sense of “team” in the department and something has to change. Step 2: 1. Prepare 20 behavioural interview questions based on the information provided in Step 1 above. 2. This assignment will be graded based on the rubric below. 3. Your assignment is to be submitted in MS WORD format. It should be submitted with the following guidelines: o Include a cover page with the course code and course name, the assignment number, the title of your assignment, your student ID, your name, the instructor’s name, and the date the assignment is created. o Ensure the first page of your assignment has the title at the top of the page and the sections of your report have headings and subheadings to chunk your paper into sections for each of the topics you are writing about. o Font should be either Calibri or Arial, 11pt. o Create a separate reference page that lists all of your sources that you have cited in text. Sources include software used. Also, personal communications from a professional in the field count as a reference source. For citation and referencing examples, see


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