EA 110 Behavior Change Project (BCP) Guidelines

The public’s health depends on individuals changing their behaviors (stop smoking, eating less or different foods, sleeping more/less, exercising more, practicing safer sex, etc). Throughout the semester we will discover what helps us make positive changes and what perceived barriers exists to making changes. You will chronicle your personal behavior change in your journal, in weekly worksheets, Discussion Board assignments and a final Reflection Paper. Your grade does not depend on the success of your project – it depends on your analysis of why you were able to succeed or fail to reach your goals.

Hopefully, this project helps you make a healthy lifestyle change but also causes you to think about the bigger picture of public health as well. A stronger health system depends on individuals taking more responsibility for their own personal health and wellness, and the more we understand how we make choices the more likely positive behavior change will be. Even if you are not planning a career in the health field, I hope this project helps you set a positive example in your community and among your friends and family that behavior change is hard but possible and I also hope that some of you might even take a more active role and empathize with others struggling with unhealthy behaviors and help them figure out solutions to assist them along the path to positive change.

Final Paper Format Use APA style-you can find all you need for formatting at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ Cover Page … Title of the paper, Your name, Class, Instructor’s Name, Date

Use Section Headers as follows: Introduction Discuss the results of your LiveWell Health Assessment and the reasons behind your personal motivation for choosing your target behavior Discuss the pros and cons or costs/benefits of your target behavior. For example, what will you gain if you make the healthy changes; what will you lose if you do not make the changes? Will your unhealthy behaviors put any other people at risk? Reference to at least one current article on your topic, from a scientific source. Make in-text citations according to APA style guidelines. Include this source on your References Page. Describe your specific long-term goal as well as 3-4 short-term goals that will help you achieve your overall long-term goal. Write your goals in SMART format. Transtheoretical Model Describe the transtheoretical model (Stages of Change) of health behavior change and where did you rank yourself at the beginning of the project. What kind of progress (how many stages) did you make during the semester (You are not expected to go from Precontemplation to Maintenance in this short time frame). Use your LiveWell assignments for reference. What specific strategies did you employ based on your starting stage of change? Monitoring Your Progress / Tracking Tool Most students identify this as the most important part of the project. Describe your method of monitoring, development of your tracking tool, your progress and how well it worked. Monitor your progress in terms of frequency (how often you did or didn’t do something) as well as triggers, thoughts and feelings. List specific social, emotional, environmental and behavioral triggers and possible coping mechanisms. Use your weekly Discussion Board posts to help you with this data. Be sure to state your baseline (starting point) and increments Describe your monitoring systems-especially important for more subjective goals such as managing stress Include a graph depicting your progress, lack of, or more likely your ups and downs &νβσπ;Employing The Process of Change Discuss what strategies you planned to use and why they were successful or not (shaping, visualization, modeling, situational inducement, reinforcement, self-talk, etc.) Discuss how you developed your support group-who was in it and how they helped your success. If one or more of your support group hindered your progress, discuss how and how you can overcome this in the future Analyze if your behavior has addictive qualities vs being a bad habit. Discuss the most helpful activities/assignments/worksheets/Discussion Boards. Which were the least effective? Why? Discuss at least 3 activities. Summary and Evaluation of Behavior Change How did your behavior change go this semester? Describe what strategies worked, what didn’t work. What were the barriers to implementation? What did you use for support? What resources or tools did you use? What did you learn? How will you progress from here into the future? What will you do the same? What will you do differently? What suggestions do you have for other people who might want to make a similar behavior change Mechanics Double spaced 4-10 pages, not including journal pages, supplements or graphs Proper spelling/grammar APA formatting for in-text citations and References Page

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