How to Be Responsible And Independent?

One thing that is usually overlooked when academics argue over the virtues of homework is that parents will always play a crucial role in their child’s educational journey. Hence, they are encouraged to be as engaging as possible. It holds true that parents are often the first lifeline when a child faces a question.

But do your parents really need to help you? Do they have to be involved in your college life? There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your parents for help. After all, they know you better than other people. But don’t you think they deserve a break and that you should focus on doing things all by yourself? You have reached a certain age in which you should be independent. Whether it is with you everyday life or even your homework. Well, actually, not just by yourself – that is because there are other resources that can help you nail your homework or your every day issues.

Set Aside a Study Schedule

Once you enter college, there is no longer a “normal” school schedule. For instance, you might have a lecture scheduled at 8 am and be done before lunchtime. However, you need to be back at school for another class at 3 pm. You may have classes from Mondays to Tuesdays but you have all Wednesdays to yourself.

Considering how college schedules work, it can be really difficult to be consistent at having a block of time for answering homework. Let’s say you have an essay as your homework. Obviously, you would need help in essay writing; hence, you need to allow a time to get this thing done. Apparently, you need to be very careful, as you do not want to rush your homework. Otherwise, it would not impress your professor.

Minimize Distractions

This one here is all about doing everything you can to eliminate as many distractions as you possibly can. Sure, each person knows himself better than others; hence, he/she knows if watching a TV show could seriously distract him/her from answering homework.  Unfortunately, college students tend to neglect this part. As a result, they usually lack the much-needed focus and productivity in order to nail their homework. It is time you have a look-see at the many things that could keep you from achieving consistency during homework study time. Once you do that, find a way to remove all of them from your learning time.

You Can’t Always Get it Done

Believe it or not, you cannot always get all of your homework done. There is nothing to be ashamed about it, though. That is why you need to learn to assess what you can do and what you cannot do. Why? Because there are plenty of hours in a day and, according to the basic laws of physics, no human being can accomplish everything on his/her to-do list.

For example, you need help in essay writing and this homework is due two days from now. Know that there are online sites that offer homework answer – and seeking help from them is not wrong. It is, in fact, ideal that you acquire their assistance. Remember: If you think you cannot get some of your homework done, leave it and seek help. Sometimes, being successful at college also means getting all the help you need.

Hit the Reset Button

Many college students nowadays often find themselves caught up in the so-called “get-caught-up trap.” Remember when you fall behind homework and you usually think it is easy to catch up with them. That is why you end up planning a catch-up. Unfortunately, the more you try to do so, the more likely you are going to fall behind. And once you are in this type of situation, everything will start to overwhelm you. So what are you going to do? Simple – just stop and start anew.

If you need help in essay writing, figure out first what needs to be done. Do you have to research first? Do you have to find materials that will support this homework? Do you think it is better to look for an online site that offers homework answers? It is easier to get things done once you have a concrete idea of the things that require utmost attention.

Use Your Resources

Doing your homework – and being good at it – requires you to not only use your class but also other resources that could help you be more efficient and productive. You might, for instance, think that there is no need for you to attend a class because the teacher only covers what has already been addressed previously. If you think this is how things should go, then you are completely wrong.

It is imperative that you attend all of your classes, as this can help pave the way to making your homework stuff a little lighter. You will have a better understanding of the material and, thus, you are able to absorb it more effectively. More importantly, you are better equipped and prepared for any upcoming tests or exams. Above all, you have a better grasp of the subject!


So’ to sum things up – a supportive family is needed at all phases in life. But do you really need them to help you in all phases in life? Absolutely not. With these tips you can organize your itinerary better and succeed on you own.

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