Be a Logical Overachiever in College

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How to Be a Logical Overachiever in College?

College is an important part of our lives. These are the formation years of adulthood that define and greatly affect what our future holds. In this stage of life, we learn how to make mature choices and decisions, we learn how to be independent, we try to avoid distractions, and we prepare ourselves for our future and for our professional career.

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Your choices and decisions in college will greatly shape up your future. Whatever you do in college thereafter will dictate your future. If you want to be successful, start by achieving a lot while in college.

When you are in college, you have two choices: you can party all you want or you can focus on your personal growth and in honing professional skills and other life skills that are important for your future. Focus on the things that matter. Here are some tips on how to become a logical overachiever in college:

  1. Learn how to manage your time

To be an overachiever, you need to be able to manage your time well. Learn how to schedule your day based on your priorities. You can do this by simply listing everything that you need to accomplish within the day. Come up with your daily or weekly list before you start your day or your week. You can tick off those things that are already done as the day goes by.

  1. Learn how to balance your life

Now that you are in college, it doesn’t mean that you need to study all the time and shut off your friends who are trying to convince you to go out. It also doesn’t mean spending most of your nights partying and drinking with friends. Life is all about striking a balance, knowing when to work hard and when to take a break. You cannot just study all the time because you will get burned out at some point. You also need to learn how to relax and go out with friends but do this on days when you don’t have exams or a lot of homework.

  1. Be resourceful

You can’t rely on your parents all the time. Now that you are in college, it’s time to prove them that you can now live independently without having to rely on them too much. Look into different resources for your needs. In this way, you learn how to come up with strategies whenever faced with challenges. A good example would be knowing who to tap when you have a homework and you are in need of some help. You can look into websites where you can find online tutors who specialize in specific subjects and can help you with your homework. You can type in homework help history in your browser and it would show you a list of websites where you can find a tutor in history who can help you with your history homework.

  1. Self-Discipline

Having self-discipline is difficult to sustain especially if you have been used to certain habits that are not good for you. This skill is hard to learn especially if you aren’t used to it at home or since you were a child. It is difficult to instill this trait on children. There are a lot of distractions in life. The key is learning how to be in control in your life.  For example, you can set meal plans for each week where you are not allowed to eat junk food or other unhealthy food during weekdays.

  1. Work hard, play hard

Doing well in school has its benefits. You not only pass your subjects and graduate with honors but you also learn how to work hard. Plan your achievements and commit to them. Working hard helps you achieve your goals and become successful.

  1. Be consistent

Be consistent in what you are doing. This is also another rare trait that people possess. In this way, you won’t encounter problems that you are not able to surpass. Being consistent with your actions and methods help you achieve your goals in life.

Being an overachiever doesn’t mean giving up your social life. You can always combine work and fun but you always have to give priority to your studies. If you possess the traits mentioned above, then you are most likely able to achieve your goals and be successful in life.

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