Battle of Cowpens Staff Ride Reading Book (Read Tab A-F, I-K, and U)

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1. Read all the sources in the attach files.


a. Battle of Cowpens Staff Ride Reading Book (Read Tab A-F, I-K, and U)

b. The Cowpens Staff Ride and Battlefield Tour by Moncure (Read Chapter 1 and 2) c. ADRP 3-0 (Read Chapter 3 paragraph 3-71 to 3-82 d. ADRP 6-0 (Read Chapter 2 paragraph 2-1 to 2-14) e. Everything must be in past tense f. Only write about Cornwallis “How Lieutenant General Cornwallis set the stage for the battle of Cowpens? g. Provides a critical commentary for each source please read the instruction below carefully. A 5-7 page written information paper summarizing research on an assigned topic using the methodology format with critical analysis of each key component.

The paper will be evaluated by the military history facilitator using for 75% content and 25% style/correctness. Paper will be 5-7 pages in length for content and will include an Endnotes and annotated bibliography at the end of the paper. Everything must be in past tense. Parts thus are: 1. Content (5-7 pages) (at least 8 short quote from all source. Annotate with Endnotes and page number) This included: a. Define the Subject – Briefly determine the date, location, and principal opponents. This section is intended to take the audience from the present to the point of time when the event occurred. (1a) When did the battle occur? (1b) Where did the battle occur? (1c) Who fought the battle? (1d) Why did the battle happen? (1e) What was the result of the battle? (1f) How does your topic fit into the battle? The above section should be no more than one paragraph of any more than ½ page in length. A sentence or two for each is sufficient. You are not trying to relate the entire battle, just give context for your topic and how it fits in or why it is important. b. Central Idea – Your topic and how it is related to the subject battle of Cowpens and your plan of discussion/presentation of information. TOPIC “How did Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis set the Stage (pre-set) for the Cowpens’ Battle”.

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