Audio production

This project includes the following submission requirements: Create a 2-3 page written portion including the following sections: Audio Production Process. In 1-2 paragraphs, describe the different steps in the audio production process. For each step in the process be sure to include: The name of the step as well as a description of what happens in each: pre-production, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering. Which roles are involved in this step of the process (e.g. mastering engineer, mixing engineer). Pick one role in particular and highlight the tasks performed and the considerations of said role in each step of the process. Equipment. List the main pieces of equipment or types of equipment used in the multitrack audio production process: transducers, amplifiers, consoles, signal processors, cables and multitrack recorders. For each piece of equipment be sure to include: The name and purpose of the gear An example of how it is used within the audio process Technical Aspects of Sound and Recording. Explain each of the following concepts, including a definition in your own words, as well as how/why each must be carefully considered when working within audio production. Frequency Amplitude Phase Harmonics Line Level: dBu, dBV Headroom Dynamic Range For each concept, consider questions such as: Why is it important to understand this concept? What could some of the negative impacts on your audio project be if this concept is not understood fully or ignored (e.g. incorrect sample rate, sounds out of phase with each other, signal amplitude beyond the headroom of a piece of equipment)? How can a deep understanding of this concept allow you to achieve better results as an audio professional? Your paper should be submitted as a 2-3 page Word Doc, single spaced, with 12 point Times New Roman font. Create a high-level signal flow diagram for a multitrack audio production. This should show the following: The signal flow from start to finish, including each piece of gear and lines/arrows between them showing how the signal flows. Be sure to include equipment such as: Microphones Preamps Consoles/Mixers Signal Processors Multitrack Recorders Speakers Etc. Your signal flow diagram can either be hand-written and scanned or created using diagram software, such as Drawings found inside Google Drive. Submission Guidelines Any deliverables from this assessment will be submitted online through the assignment page on Canvas.

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