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Attachment is a bond that forms quite like none other.

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Attachment is a bond that forms quite like none other. From infancy into adulthood, it is the connection between trusted individuals. Stemming from infancy, it is the basis of emotional, physical and primary needs being met. Attachment overall, beginning at infancy allows them, to learn how to regulate their own emotions while facing challenges. The most significant impact of attachment, are positive outcomes. Children who grow up to lead emotionally and mentally stable, healthy relationships. Relationships that foster patience and understanding. Relationships that have secure attachments. When children are in emotional environments that are draining, mentally and physically, these children take those same lessons and experiences into relationships throughout their life. Some important strategies that can be implemented surrounding, self- management, self-awareness, relationship building and good decision making, all begin at childhood. Several things such as, encouraging self-esteem, communicating emotions, respecting others are all great tools that can be taught to better help children regulate and develop their emotions. Healthy toddler development can be cultivated in many ways. Reading to children, providing them the space to practice and implement autonomy, and creating space for exploration are simply, yet strong ways children can thrive at the toddler age. Wong, D. W. & Hall, K. R (2021). Counseling through the lifespan. Sage Publishing, 2, 23-49.

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