Atomic Bomb Persuasive Essay

In order to facilitate the end of World War II, was the use of the atomic bomb by the United States government a justifiable action? I Believe the Bombing to end WWII was not justified and the essay will be about how the bombing was not justified. Then use primary source evidence to persuade and convince the reader that your assessment is accurate. You will also need to use reputable secondary sources to ensure that the reader fully understands the situation (why the bomb was used and its effects). The Writing Process: You must do all of the following in your paper.

1. Find credible sources that help you to authentically engage in the research process. Focus on looking at what a source says, its bias, and whether or not it is accurate. This may be needed before you can even write your thesis!

2. Use the outline form to help guide your writing. 3. Use multiple sources and integrate your ideas/arguments into one coherently written piece. Make sure you are reviewing the rubric during this time. Essay Hints, Tips, & Reminders: Introduction Paragraph(s) • Include background information that sets up the reader to understand the context of the essay • Use real information and facts that draw the reader in • Thesis is one sentence and is typically the last sentence of the intro paragraph • Thesis directly answers the question • Thesis briefly states the reasons the essay will address (Note: counter-arguments do NOT need to be in the thesis) Body Paragraphs • Include a topic sentence • Include pieces of evidence that directly support the thesis statement • Evidence, if direct quotes, is properly set up (no independent quotes!) • Evidence is properly cited with an in-text MLA citation ○ This does not only mean direct quotes! ○ Remember that everything you learn needs to be cited, even when you have paraphrased or summarized it. ○ If you weren’t born with it, it came from somewhere. Cite it! • Explain how each piece of evidence supports the thesis statement • Include a transition sentence Counter Argument Paragraph • Include a topic sentence • Give at least one counter-argument that would be used to disprove the thesis and explain why some people think this way • Refute the counter-argument and explain why it is invalid. ○ Evidence would be helpful, but not necessary. ○ Make sure the evidence supports your rebuttal, not the counter-argument. • Includes a transition sentence Conclusion Paragraph • Should reinforce the thesis to the reader • Should summarize main points • Should leave your reader with a new idea to consider


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