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 Assignment: Life Stories of Middle-Aged Adults 

Assignment: Life Stories of Middle-Aged Adults


Interview a middle-aged adult, using the following questions:


  1. Tell me about a high point in your life.
  2. Tell me about a low point in your life.
  3. Tell me about a turning point in your life.
  4. What are some important events that occurred in your childhood, adolescence, and adulthood?

In one paragraph summarize the responses from the interview.

In the second paragraph compare the responses to research in the text and discuss the following questions:

  1. Were life experiences generally positive or negative?
  2. Was there evidence of a commitment story? If so, describe.
  3. When did the turning point occur?
  4. Is this consistent with the midlife transition?
  5. Based on the answers, would you describe this person as generative? Why or why not?

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